Off Into The Sunset

Just Something To Do


I’ve been studying this language for quite a while. My vocabulary is relatively extensive I think. I mean, I know about 2000 characters, so at least, like 5000 words. So why can’t I understand a single whole sentence on the radio? The stupid homophones in this god-forsaken language: For example: kougen: it can mean light source, antigen, plateau, flattery, field, wilderness. When I hear it in a conversation, I have no freaking clue. My brain just stops and I not only don’t know the word but lose the rest of the sentence. And the whole language is filled with these things.

And the weather in this place can eat a bag of shit. There are maybe two months total out of the year when you can have your window open. The rest of the time it’s a sauna. In the wintertime, it’s comfortably cool, but it’s never cloudy, so it’s always direct sunlight. And windy. I need to move to Hokkaido or something. Arrgh.

Sorry, I just needed to rant.