Off Into The Sunset

Just Something To Do


Today I took the JLPT 2-kyuu. (1 is the top level, 4 is the lowest). It was pretty much a waste of time, as I’m sure I didn’t pass. I basically guessed on 20 of the questions, as I ran out of time towards the end. My problem with Japanese is this - even if I can understand all the words and phrases in a sentence, I can’t really figure out what they’re trying to say. And if there’s one word I don’t get, all bets are off, because it’s usually a pivotal word that would change the whole meaning.

By the way, the earlier Kanji test that I thought I failed - I did end up passing it - woo hoo. Now I can take 4-kyuu in that one (that’s out of 10, 1 being highest), so I got that going for me. Which is nice.

And on a completely different note - I’m really getting into Raï music, especially Khaled and also Arabic pop music, like Amr Diab. So that’s my story.