Off Into The Sunset

Just Something To Do


So today I had ramen again for the first time in like three weeks. I went to the Ramen Ninja, and discovered that a place called Hasegawa is really close - just a block from the TV Tower. I had the Spicy Beef Ramen - geez, I haven’t had beef ramen in like two years, if ever. It was really Chinese-tasting, something about the vegetables (not MSG-y). Even though the soup was light, it was full of spicy beefy flavor, and even though the noodles were the curly kind, which I don’t like so much, it was a really satisfying bowl. I think what really made it was the atmosphere. The place was really clean and bright, with lots of windows and pleasant, seasonal decorations. The tables were highly polished wood, there was a big table in the middle that seated like twenty, and smaller couple tables all around. Also the chairs were really cool heavy circular objects that were a joy to sit on. It didn’t hurt that some of the customers were not unattractive. I’ll be patronizing this establishment again. Four godzillas. Godzilla Star OnGodzilla Star OnGodzilla Star OnGodzilla Star On

Now, back to Days of Our Lives. I really dig John Black’s character these days.