Off Into The Sunset

Just Something To Do


OK, I guess it’s been a while since I updated this English blog, hasn’t it? So here’s a little update. All of this is on my Japanese version, which of course you can always see using a translation tool, if you like.

Let’s see… I’ve been making a lot of nabe and going out to eat nabe too, which seems to be what to in the winter. Including motsunabe. Motsu is basically innards, like intestines and stuff.

I ordered this kanji game from that took a long time to arrive because apparently the delivery service is incompetetent or something. I mean the address is correct because it’s the same one I’ve used for other services before, but I guess they couldn’t figure it out. Anyway, the new software is fantastic, but I have to start again from zero on this version, whereas I had been up to 1450 kanji on the previous one. But it’s not bad to go back and review, anyway.

I tried another Taiwan ramen place, not so hot, but ok.

It snowed heavily last weekend for the first time I’ve been in Japan. The snow only lasted one day, but I did take a lot of nice photos.

I registered the domain I was surprised such a short domain was still open. “Daikoke” is basically my name (Gross = “big” = “dai” (could be another reading, but after discussions with a friend, this seemed to be the best) Moss = “koke”). Haven’t done anything with it yet, but we’ll see.

I ordered pizza for the first time by myself in Japan.

The valentine I got for Valentines Day was from the boss’s little daughter. A really cute card and some cookies.

Friday night I went out with a couple former students and a husband of one of them. Later on had really good conversation the likes of which I hadn’t had in a long time.


Tonight, we had a little goodbye party for the last remaining Aeon member of Team Gaijin, basically the group of us who all were in the same training group who started back in March ‘06. Wow, amazing how time flies. We had a great time and talked about words like twunt and the dogs bollox.