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Tu Lan Fried Rice

This is actually my second attempt at making fried rice that tastes like what they make at Tu Lan. This time, I used a little MSG and some sesame oil upon the suggestion of my friend Candice. Other noticeable differences include using nasu (Japanese eggplant) and squid instead of broccoli (which they used in their vegetarian version at Tu lan) or shrimp or chicken. The red stuff is Sriracha, which I slather on all my Tu Lan fried rice anyway. OK, so it didn’t taste exactly like Tu Lan, but it was close enough, in that it was one of those dishes where you just sit back and enjoy the taste with your eyes closed. Add to that the fact that I didn’t have to trip over any crack whores on the way to this dish, and I’d say I’m at the point where I don’t miss Tu Lan anymore. Oh, crap except for the imperial rolls. Ok, that’s the next project.