Off Into The Sunset

Just Something To Do


Finally, I’m connected back to the internet. Took me a month, but now I’ve got a nice fat pipe, so all those of you who I haven’t contacted in awhile will start to hear from me. Here are some random observations:

  1. My new apartment is just two blocks from a decent Mexican restaurant. Hell, I didn’t even have that in San Francisco. (Although, I must say that this place doesn’t hold a candle to Taqueria Cancun, which was just 8 blocks from my place in Noe Valley
  2. It’s also adjacent to a 99 shop. For those of you not in Japan, it’s basically a convenience store that has _everything_ you need, and most of it is 99 yen ($0.85 at the time of posting). For example, if I leave the apartment in the morning, and I realize I left my umbrella at work, I can get one. For eighty-five cents.
  3. My new apartment comes with a 440-station radio that comes out of the wall. I can get everything from 80 stations of J-pop, to Indian and Latin music, to the messages they play telling you not to leave stuff on the escalator
  4. For many reasons, life is better than it’s been in years and years. Ever since I can remember.
  5. I think this year’s sauna might finally be nearing an end. We’ll see…