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More Parties and Karaoke

Because that’s all I do in Japan, right? Anyway, lately that’s all I’ve been taking pictures of. Just wait, in a couple of weeks I’ll have something interesting to say. In the meantime, please enjoy these pictures of the party we had in honor of Hideki-sensei, who’s leaving Sakae school to start a new program at the head office, and also welcoming Scott-sensei and Miyaka-sensei. The place we had it is called J-cafe, and it was really interesting - very dark with a big runway down the middle, like it would be a place for a fashion show.

And then we went to a nijikai (second party) at Joy Joy Karaoke right next door, which I think I’m liking a little better than Karaokekan. Anyway, one of our students happens to be an actual opera singer, and so obviously her performance blew us all away. It was amazing.

Party at J-cafe