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Ramen and Karaoke

Sorry for the late post, but I’ve been busy lately. Anyways, a couple weeks ago, first a friend and I went to this place in Nagoya called Sunshine Sakae. It happens to be the building with the Ferris wheel which is adjacent to the building where my school is. Anyway, on the second floor they have this place where they have a bunch of ramen shops, with styles from all over Japan. It’s actually similar to the Yokohama Ramen Museum, but on a much smaller scale. Anyway, every summer they have what’s called a “Ramen Fight”, where you get to vote on which of all the ramen shops is the best. This day, we had some Kyuushuu style tonkotsu ramen, which was pretty good, but I’m looking forward to trying all the rest of them.

Oh, and afterwards we went to karaoke and met up with an Australian friend of mine, Derek. We stayed out until past 6. Why do you do karaoke so late, you might ask. Well, I’m actually usually ready to go home a lot earlier, but the trains are stopped from 12 until 6am, so we’re kind of stuck. But my new place is a 15-minute walk from Sakae, so that means I’ll be able to easily go home at a reasonable hour.

June 2007 Karaoke