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Thai Festival, Nikujaga

Today there was a Thai Festival in Central Park in Nagoya. There I ate some Pad Thai and saw these boxers dancing (careful, it’s kind of loud).

Afterwards, I came home and made nikujaga ( 肉じゃが ) using a recipe that my favorite student sent me as part of her homework. Basically just beef and potatoes, it turned out delicious, a lot milder than I thought, and also not as heavy on the stomach as you’d think for a meat and potatoes dish. I also discovered the joy of ito konnyaku, which is like this very healthy spaghetti like stuff that comes from a plant. It’s really cheap, and it seems to have a lot of potential for all kinds of uses. I can’t wait to try it again in some other recipe.

So, yeah, this was an average Sunday when I didn’t have anything in particular planned. Sure, I had a nice time, but, damn, it would have been nice to share it with a significant other, you know.