Off Into The Sunset

Just Something To Do


No pictures, no links, I just want to talk about the sports I’m following these days. First, my Red Wings have firmly entrenched themselves as the Atlanta Braves of the NHL. They win their division every year and then make an early exit in the playoffs, despite an expensive roster that, on paper, should win it all. Oh yeah, there’s also another baseball team that has been doing that since 2001, but I don’t want to equate a team I like with something that is the epitome of evil. So, Senators, this is your year. It is imperative that you bring the Cup back to a cold weather city, and more importantly, to Canada. The Senators have been my second favorite team ever since they re-formed back in 1992. (You see, Ottawa is actually the first city I can remember living in, back in the early 1970’s). It’s a beautiful city, and deserves the Cup two orders of magnitude more than the Ducks. I mean “Ducks”, come on!

The Dragons are back in first place again, thanks to an interleague win against the chewing gum (Lotte) Marines. Looks like they have a good chance again this year. All right!

The Detroit Tigers are in 2nd place, but seem to be doing pretty well, considering every team in the AL has them in their sights. I remain optimistic with them, too.

Go Pistons!

Finally, I don’t know what to say about Barry’s inevitable march towards Hank Aaron’s record. When he was chasing McGuire in 2001 and 600 a few years later, I couldn’t have been more excited, as I was admittedly in denial about his steroid use during those times. Now, I’m neither thrilled nor angered about this one. I’m just wondering what his legacy will look like, say, in 20 years.