Off Into The Sunset

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Sendai, City of Trees

    I put up a bunch more pictures from Matsushima (松島) and Sendai (仙台). Some cool looking boats, and I got some surprisingly good photos of blossoms (I’m not sure exactly what kind they are). I also went to the public library, which is called the Media Center, and it’s a really cool public space. That’s the one with the big inflatable sleeping baby thing. They planted a bunch of trees all over the city, so it’s a very pleasant city to walk around in, even if there isn’t that much to do. I took a bus called the Loople, which was 600 yen to ride all day, and takes you to places like the Botanical Garden and the site of the former castle at Sendai, which overlooks the city. I think Sendai is more of a nice city to live in than it is a place to visit. I like the weather there for sure!