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Apples Are Grown in Aomori


“Apples are grown in Aomori” is a line from one of our textbooks from a unit on the passive voice. I couldn’t get that out of my head all week.

This week is Golden Week, so we have all week off. I took a few days and went up to Aomori to visit my friend Daniel and his family. It was great to see them again and meet his sons Rin and Take for the first time. The weather up there is cooler, of course, and the sakura were in full bloom this week. We went to the Jomon Jiyukan, which had some recreated buildings from the Jomon period(around three to five thousand years ago). (One amazing thing about this place is that admission was free. It’s the first thing of its kind in Japan that I have ever seen that you didn’t have to pay to get into.)

After Aomori I went to Sendai, and I’ll post photos from there a little later. As you can see, during the trip up, I saw Mt. Fuji (from the ground) for the first time.