Off Into The Sunset

Just Something To Do



Earlier this week, my friend Candice inadvertently sent me on a mission to try Ajisen Ramen this weekend, because I guess there’s one in Fremont, is that correct? Ajisen is a chain of ramen places all over Japan and Asia, with even a few stores in North America. Anyway, I was very lucky that this was the weekend, because usually they’re closed on Sundays, but they happen to be open on the 22nd of every month for something I would interpret as customer appreciation day. And on this day, a bowl of noodles is just 300 yen (Today, that was about $2.52). I like the feeling of the place; it definitely has a better feel than, say, the Sugakiya chain, which seems to appeal to high school kids who just want to eat ramen and ice cream for as cheaply as possible. This place is definitely for adults. Although there was no beer, so that did put a little damper on things, because I usually like a beer to enjoy with my ramen. I didn’t spend a long time there, but I’d probably give it an eight. Nowhere near the stuff I had in Fukuoka, but definitely worth going back for - especially next 22nd!

By the way, my bowl took approximately a minute and a half from when I ordered it to arrive, and so I was reminded of why there might be some naysayers about Santa Ramen (in San Mateo). In Japan, I can rarely recall a bowl of ramen taking more than five minutes to get to my seat after I ordered. (Actually, there was one time, but it was when the proprietor was really busy with like ten other customers, and he gave me a free dish of tofu for my troubles). Once you get to your seat, you should never wait more than five minutes for your ramen. That’s what I expect now, anyway.