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Bubble Rocket

Here you see the soft drink entitled “Bubble Rocket”. It is Space Flavored (which actually means it is just kind of sweet and has a similar taste to something fruity), and as you can see from the fuzzy picture at right, is a clear carbonated beverage. Additionally, it appears to contain a lot of Vitamin B6. The phrase (in romaji, for some unknown reason) ASONDEKUREYO means something akin to “let’s have fun”.  The other one, though ”HAJIKETEINAI”, though, I’m not exactly sure about. The Japanese below it is preceded by the word “Earthpeople”. I think ”hajikeru” is something like “burst open” or “pop”, but I think I need a little help, because I’m sure it doesn’t say “Don’t blast the earth people open!” 日本人、助けてください。