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Energy Gym Obsession


I’ve talked previously about how obsessed I am with this drink. But I don’t think I’ve expressed how I take a photo (with my keitai) of many of the vending machines ( 自動販売機 ) that carry this miracle beverage. Oh, and another wonderful thing about Fukuoka that I didn’t mention is that the place is lousy with Energy Gym Dydo machines! I actually wasn’t able to take a picture of every Energy Gym Dydo that I saw there. That city has a lot going for it - ramen and Energy Gym, and something else I’ll mention soon. So far, the closest one to where I work is about a 12-minute walk, kind of far for this cold weather. But I have found one near Meijo Koen, not too far from my apartment. But oh, to live in Fukuoka, where there are Energy Gym machines like every 100 yards!!!