Off Into The Sunset

Just Something To Do



Christmas Day here was just a regular day, so I just went to work. Although there are a couple of kind of traditions here for that day. One is , that it’s traditional for couples to go out on dates, kind of like Valentine’s Day. So that was out. But another one is that many people will go to KFC (pronounced kentakee) for dinner. So, for my lunch break, I did just that. And the weather was nice enough that day, that I walked down to a nice quiet park and ate outside. Pretty pleasant actually.

Oh, here are a couple more interesting pictures from my keitai. Here’s Yamaguchi-san, our assistant manager, shredding $50 bills in the shredder:

Here’s a robot from the robot museum dressed in a Santa hat inviting passersby:

Oh yeah, this weekend I’m taking the boat to Korea for a few days.