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勤労感謝の日 -Thanksgiving in Japan

This past Thursday was a holiday here in Japan, Labor Thanksgiving Day, which has no relation to the American Thanksgiving. It also happen to coincide with the calendar date of the American holiday (although it was a day beforehand, of course, with the time difference.) So John, another fellow Aeon teacher (actually, my predecessor at Sakae school) did an absolutely awesome job of hosting seventeen people for American-style Thanksgiving here. My friend Rob came out from San Francisco the night before, and brought sweet potatoes and burritos (half of one I ate the night before and the exquisite memory of it still lingers). The Thanksgiving feast was amazing - Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie, cranberry sauce, shepherd’s pie, pumpkin pie, and even more. It was perfect. Thanks John. After that, there’s only one thing to say: おなかがいっぱい.

So I still have a ton more pictures from Rob’s visit - we went to Nagoya castle and the Robot Museum and of course the wedding in Osaka. Stay tuned for those in the next few days.