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Hmm, looks like I haven’t posted in a while, and yet there is a lot to talk about, isn’t there? First the bad news: both of my baseball teams were in the championship, and both of them lost. The Tigers lost to the Cardinals due to atrocious fielding by their pitchers. I listened to the games via and I’m convinced that it was that one factor that lost them the series. Man, it’s frustrating, but hey, I can’t complain about the season at all. No one could have predicted at the beginning of the season that the Tigers would make it that far. And besides, they put a beating on the Yankees, so I’m pretty much satisfied as far as that goes.

The Nippon Series is a different story. I was only able to watch the second game, but it seemed like the Dragons didn’t put in too much of an effort against the Nippon Ham Fighters. And now I really can’t stand that Shinjo guy. I mean, I was a little angry with him about his lack of effort for the San Francisco Giants a couple of years ago, but having to watch his smiling face after every single pitch, no matter who was up to bat, was really annoying.

OK, now up to the contest that really matters. Nice going America! Perhaps if you had realized two years ago that the Republicans needed to be kicked out, I would still be there by now! (But then I wouldn’t be in Japan, so I guess that’s ok).