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Ramen + 10K


Ever since I moved here, every Friday night I’ve been having a bowl of ramen at one of the local ramen joints (with only a few exceptions). Ramen is pretty great, and it has a lot of different views. For example, in the states, ramen is seen as a super cheap food that college students eat when they want to spend as little as possible. Here, it is still cheaper food, but it’s a hearty and extremely delicious meal you eat late at night after going out. Anyway, it’s not all that healthy, in any case. But in the gallery above, I’ve posted a bunch of photos from my forays for the past few months, all of them from my keitai. (And you might notice that the earlier pics are of lower quality, as I only later learned that I can get better quality photos by saving it to my mini-SD card instead of mailing it to my email account.) And I will continue to post in that gallery as I go on.

On an unrelated note, tonight I ran 10K for the first time in probably about two years. It felt great, as the conditions were perfect: cool early evening, full moon, beautiful sky, my Detroit Tigers had just blanked the Yankees 2-0 to go up 2-1 in the ALDS. As I said before, I still don’t enjoy running that much, but it keeps me healthy, and it’s a good stress relief from my loneliness.

On a related note, the Dragons have a magic number of 4, but they are now in danger of losing their Central League crown to the Hanshin Tigers. But they don’t have the luxury of a wild-card spot, like Detroit had. Come on Dragons, don’t blow this!