Off Into The Sunset

Just Something To Do

Annoyances, Non-annoyances

Just making a post for the hell of it. Although there isn’t very much that annoys me about Japan, I need to get it out somewhere I suppose. So here’s a list of what annoys me so far.

  1. The sun rises far too early here. Seriously, who’s up at 4:30am to see the sun? They need to adjust the time zone an hour or two, and give Okinawa its own time zone.
  2. Everything in Japan is open all the time, except for the trains, which close at midnight. Why?
  3. On TV, anytime there’s a beverage commercial, no matter what it’s for - beer, energy drink, green tea, fruit juice, whatever - they always have the annoying “gulp” sound as the person drinks it. I think it sounds disgusting, and it really turns me off that particular product. But every drink uses it, so I have to try to avoid commercials.
  4. Anytime there’s a show that’s taped in front of an audience, like a variety show or something, and they show a clip of something else, there’s always a little box showing someone on the show watching the clip. I’ve seen this before in the states, but here they do it every single time and I just don’t get it.

OK, so I guess that isn’t that much to complain about, for the most part. And here are a couple of things that maybe I should be annoyed by, given my character, but I’m not:

  1. Cicadas: They’re loud, and they remind you of the heat, and many people don’t like them. I have no problem though. Bring on the cute little semi!
  2. The heat. It is like a sauna, but as long as I have my AC, I have a reasonable refuge. I can deal
  3. The NHK guys: Simple solution: I just don’t answer the door.