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Fried Rice

I moved into my apartment last night, and tonight I made my first meal therein - just a simple fried rice. I am facing my first feeling of culture shock finally in the midst of this transition. This apartment is really really small. I need to figure out where to put stuff, and while I’m figuring out where to put something, I don’t have anywhere to put it in the meantime, so it’s kind of messy. Anyway, the new rice cooker works perfectly, and I bought a ton of meals for about 40 bucks, so things are looking up.

If you didn’t know already, Japan won the baseball game today, and they are therefore the _real_ world champions. Suck it, USA, is all I have to say. There were only two major league players on the winning team, while USA’s team was pretty much all MLB players.

Anyway, today was a holiday, the first day of spring, which worked out really well as a day to move into the place. I had my first official lesson yesterday, and a few more tomorrow. By Thursday, I will have completely taken over the place of this very talented teacher who has been there for seven years! Of course, it will take a long time to try to fill that guy’s shoes, but I feel very honored to be in this position. I am very lucky, because I think I got one of the best new positions in Nagoya - I get Saturdays and Sundays off, and the school is in a really great location.

Anyway, enough of my random yakkin. Here’s some Engrish for you.