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What's Been Going On?

As both of you avid readers of this weblog have noticed, I haven’t posted anything in a while. What have I been doing? School! That’s right, for the last four weeks I’ve been attending a course at Transworld, a TESOL school here in San Francisco. The classes were fun and enlightening, but the best part was the teaching practice. We got the opportunity to try out our nascent English-teaching skills on genuine non-native speakers in the classroom. It was so refreshing to have eager students who are interested in the subject and willing to make the classroom a good environment for all of us. I am very confident that Japanese classrooms will have very good students, too. (Sure, I envision times when the class might be bored to death, but I don’t anticipate any assaults or death threats like what happened in my previous teaching experience). Anyway, I have to finish a couple of papers this week, and then I’ll get my certificate. I have an interview in two weeks with one of those big English teaching companies, and I’m pretty confident about it.

In the meantime, I will actually start working again tomorrow! It’s for a popular internet social networking site for pets. I’m pretty excited about actually doing some work again, for a change (believe it or not).

So that’s my story.