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Late Nights

You (when I say you, I mean the two people who look at this site) may have noticed that I’ve changed the reviews link to be red. This is mainly to highlight that I pretty much update that part of the site about 90% more often than this part. So look at my reviews, blah blah blah. My only other thing to say is that my sleep cycle is all messed up, so I’m staying up late, and sleeping in until like 10 or 11, because I really don’t need to do otherwise. It’s not like I don’t do anything during the day - I do, it’s just that I think that naturally, I’m a late night person who likes to sleep in late. So there.

The only other thing I want to mention is that Masamania has started to update his superb site again of late, after what seemed about a month-long hiatus. I especially like his post about the yatai, or the little temporary concession stands found at the multitude of festivals in Japan.