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Why I Quit

Why did I quit my job? Here are some reasons:

  • I was no longer enjoying coming to work. It used to be a place where I couldn’t wait to go every morning, because I knew I would see a lot of friends and do some interesting work at the same time. The work was no longer interesting, because instead of coding, I was on conference calls all of the time. When I wasn’t doing that, I was filling out forms. I must say, I did get pretty good at filling out forms, though. Also, by the end, hardly any of my good friends were left there.
  • More than anything else in the world, I hate being called after hours or on the weekend for a work problem. And being on call meant exactly that. Basically, that was exactly like being in the Navy. And it’s also something I promised myself I would never have to do again
  • I believe it’s unfair to both myself and the company to continue in a position that I just don’t care about anymore
  • In this day and age, five years is too long to spend at one company.